Hello! My name is Sage, and I believe everyone can create a life of ease, purpose and joy.

Welcome. I am so glad that you have found your way here. This is where I share information and tools on how to balance the many facets of life we care about: our health, what we create, how we connect with those closest to us, and how we relate to the world around us. 

I create programs and teach tools that help people like you rediscover what really matters to you, and how to make those core values your top priority: to put you on the path to living with ease, purpose, and joy.


  1. Self: Connection to and love of yourself

  2. Affinity: Connection to and love of others

  3. Gathering: Purposeful work, creativity, and service

  4. Embodiment: Sleep, nutrition and movement

  5. Spirit: Play, meditation and reflection

Regardless of where you are in life, you can live fully and full of vitality. 

You can craft a balanced life. Each one of us is on a unique journey toward balance and vitality. I'd love to help you on this journey. 

I encourage you to poke around and read articles below, join one of my upcoming events, or contact me to work one-on-one. 

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