Ease. Purpose. Joy.

These three words describe a life of balance. Balance between all facets of your life. Between self-care and how you care for others. Between time in nature and time indoors. Between work and play. Balance will lead to vitality and longevity.


  • you are overextended personally and professionally

  • you are as overworked

  • you are chronically stressed

  • you are sedentary

  • you are undernourished but overfed.

And you feel...

  • ceaselessly out of shape

  • fatigued

  • irritable

  • anxious and overwhelmed.

  • unbalanced!

Does this describe your current state?

  • Are you tired of beating yourself up, yet you can't stop?

  • Are you questioning what your purpose is? 

  • Are you concerned about the state of our planet?

  • Are you making time to be still? 

  • Are you stuck? 

I know what you are going though. I also suffered from feeling like a toxic drain on the planet and I didn’t know how to make a difference. I knew I consumed more than I needed but couldn’t see a way not too. I wasn’t living in alignment.

You don’t have to live like this. I created a system of transformation. You can wake up everyday aligned and know you are living your purpose with ease and joy.



Balance. Whether you recognize it or not, your life is already balanced in a particular way. You may not like it, but eating a pint of ice-cream, yelling at your kids when you wanted to stay calm, or realizing you just spent three hours mindlessly scrolling YouTube is actually creating a particular system. Once you understand it, I can help you deconstruct that system and make significant changes toward achieving real balance.

Ease. Life can feel overwhelming, stressful and out of control. I am committed to helping you find greater ease.

Simplicity. Get rid of what you don't need. The clutter in our lives takes up a lot of emotional space. Whether it is too many pairs of shoes, boxes of leftovers stuffed in your fridge, or toxic relationships that you pour time into with no return, it's all wearing you down and limiting your ability to see your life clearly. You and I will work on finding what is essential, what feels most vital, and how you can eliminate everything else.

Awareness. We are fed by the world and the humans around us. We aren't designed to function as lone individuals communicating through a smartphone. What if we took time just to sit and take in details like the light on the leaves, the cadence of our neighbor's laughter, the savoring of each bite of food? We'll work on cultivating presence with the most important people in your life, with strangers, and with the physical world you inhabit. 

Unconditional love. We spend so much time mired in judgment and comparing ourselves to others. Carrying all that fear and negativity around with us is exhausting and unhealthy. How many of us have walked around holding grudges for years, letting it weigh us down and maybe break us. It takes a huge effort to release those kind of thoughts, but once we do, we realize how much happier we are. You and I will work together to cultivate positivity and approaching any given interaction with love first, and so free ourselves from fear and shame and guilt.


  • A life reflective of your deepest truth

  • A life that is authentic

  • A life that reflects the change you want to see in the world

A Little About Me

I have a deep desire to serve and create healthy lasting change. That is why I have created this site. My entire life I have been curious and sought information on how to be healthy and create a balanced life.

I was born and raised in Montana in an adventurous and creative family. I currently live in Santa Monica, CA with my loving husband Andy.

Random Facts

  • I like climbing trees while I am out for a hike

  • I meditate . . . almost everyday

  • I can talk anyone’s ear off about how to decrease the amount of plastic they use

  • I love to go camping and backpacking by myself

  • My husband and I eat on the floor every night (indoor picnic), we don't have a couch and we don’t have a bed. Decisions I made based on me reading a book. (You will have to check out the SAGE ADVICE on that one to learn more!)

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I will connect you back to nature and to your true nature so you can show up in this life time and be all you came here to be.