Ease, Purpose, and Joy.

Let’s start with the first point on the triangle, Ease. Ease doesn’t mean that life is easy. Or that you don’t work hard. Or that there is no stress and you get to OOOMMMMM all day long. You will still have things that are challenging in your life. Deadlines at work, kids that have tantrums, spouses that . . . do that thing they do that you wish they wouldn’t. Ease is how you relate to all the activities and happenings in your life. It is the ability to allow life to happen without needing a particular outcome. “Easier written than done” you may be thinking? Yes. But ease can be cultivated, practiced, and in time you reset to your natural state of ease. Mental, physical, and spiritual ease. 

Cultivating ease doesn’t mean you live life in the clouds and just let whatever happen. The second point, Purpose, understanding and acting in alignment with why you are here, is vital for balance. This means having a life's work, not just a job. If you don’t know what that work is yet, that is fine! Wonderful! You are going to embark on an incredible journey of discovering what that is. Jobs are great support, while you investigate and find what you are meant to pour yourself into. And purpose is not just in your work. It is also your purpose in relationship to yourself, those you love, and everyone you meet. What is your purpose as a human being on this planet? 

Maybe you are thinking, “Oh crap! I have no idea what the heck I am here for!” Or maybe you do, but there is so much work to be done! Don’t be stressed about it. This leads us to the final point of the Triangle of Balance: Joy! We have a tremendous capacity to feel joy, but very few people allow themselves to. Perhaps you are afraid of it. Perhaps it makes you feel guilty. Perhaps you don’t think you are deserving. The journey is to release what is holding you back from ecstatic joy everyday. Imagine if you allowed yourself to take life less seriously. Allowed yourself to be silly. Allowed yourself to laugh abundantly. Pretty joyful, right?