SEXY Sustainability: How to make sexy sustainable decisions

The SEXY SUSTAINABILITY decision process

    (Mindful Living before we are all F*ck*d.)

We know we are part of the planetary problem, but making the sustainable choice can seem more draining, time consuming, or expensive. I know I have been there. It can feel like you don’t have the time or energy-- Even though you know you want to be a part of the solution and not the pollution.

So, here is my 4 step decision making process for when you are shopping. It’s sexy because it gets you into your body and it leads to the best choice for you and the planet. It’s the system I use everyday to make sustainable choices in my life. It will be enlightening and simple, because I know your time is precious. At the end, I promise to show you how to take it further.

1. S.ensational: use your senses.

How does the product feel in your hand, how does it smell, how does it look, how (can you imagine) it tastes, and how does it feel in your body. Get Kinesthetic with it! It takes just a few seconds when you know how to do this.

And sometimes this step is so incredibly delightful and yummy! Like when you are picking up fresh seasonal fruit. It feels really sexy it’s an awesome opportunity to delight in your senses. A HUGE part of why we over consume and put crap in our bodies is that we are not present and sensational with our choices.

2. E.ngage with the Environment

Where did it come from? Where is it going?  

So, for the water bottle. Where did it come from? It came from oil, which is non-renewable, harmful and toxic. It was transported by gas-guzzling trucks and took a lot of energy to refrigerate. If you drink the water. . . Where is it going? It may get lodged in the nostrils of a dolphin and kill it. It may become micro-plastics and contaminate our groundwater. It might be swallowed by a sea-gull and kill it because it’s not digestible. You don’t have to know the statistics or the exact future. You can imagine it.  

I am asking you to get uncomfortable and not ignore the problem. That is how we got here.

Balance Warriors usually have huge breakthroughs when they start to engage at this level. It helps clarify things in their life, and choices they are making around family, career, and lifestyle crystallize.

3. X.Roads

Here is where you make a choice. Say YES or NO with clarity and conviction!

This is also where you can engage with your Sensations if they are in conflict with the Environment. I talk to my body. You can say to yourself, “I know you are thirsty, but we can make it home and we won’t die.”

Your momentary pleasure will be just that, momentary. That bottle will last a lot longer than that moment.

4. Y.ES!

If you put it back and say “nope” — it’s really a BIG YES!

Say YES to the choice with all of your being. We all know how aligned and alive that feels. How juicy, delicious, and nourishing it is to your soul. When we are on the path of light, living a legacy of light, it is full of PURPOSE EASE and JOY!

I always say EASE doesn’t come from EASY, it comes when you are ALIGNED. When you live in Purpose. When you live your purpose in every decision, it is JOYFUL!

That’s it!

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You will know if you are a BALANCE WARRIOR because you are someone who has a deep desire to effect powerful change in the world, but feels lost or overwhelmed as to how to do so. I love helping people feel empowered to show up in their lives, to live with a sense of purpose.

Tread lightly and love fully,