We have 11 years to FINISH saving the planet.

When I open my mouth about sustainability, most reactions are:

Overwhelm (There is so much to do and my actions don’t matter)

Defensiveness (It’s just too much extra work to make a change, or, I already recycle!)

Eco-shame (I know I should do more).

I want to erase all of these WASTE OF ENERGY responses because we are running out of time. Your energy is better spent getting into action. Start taking action, however small, and let it snowball you into greater momentum. You don’t have to know exactly what to do, start educating yourself (there are some links below).

This is more than just your impact as an individual, we have to act together. We are not just in a house on fire, we are on OUR HOME PLANET on fire. We are going to need more than our individual garden hoses to put this out.

It will not matter what is in the bank, how big our home is, or how many Instagram followers we have. We rely on the natural world for all the oxygen, all the water, all the food we eat. These fundamentals of existence are in dire jeopardy.

We must WAKE UP on a massive level. We must ACT on a massive level.

I am talking to YOU. Please be a part of the change.

We are really running out of time. I am going to keep my best to stay hopeful, while reviewing and providing you with resources where you can educate yourself further and take action.

“And yes, we need hope. The once thing we need more than hope is action, because once we act, hope is everywhere.”  -Greta Thunberg

I am not going to honey coat the problems we are facing. We have to face them, educate ourselves and become advocates. Ignoring the problem will not work. Things are going in the wrong directly and quickly.


We have 11 years-- not to start but to FINISH saving the planet- See more HERE

Here are three links you can listen to today that lay out the problem clearly:




It’s daunting, overwhelming and it can make you feel like you want to ignore the problem.

But I know you are a WARRIOR!

You have a heart that cares deeply and a mind that is fierce. You have the courage to really engage with the Global Problem so we can use our voices, our dollars, our connection in community, and our choices daily to be the change we are capable of.

Tread lightly, love fully, and take ACTION!