SENSATIONAL is a system that gets you into your body and loving the skin you are in . . . on all levels. This process deeply connects you, aligns you, and allows you to tap into your inner guide so that you can always be in touch with your true nature anytime, anywhere.

ENGAGED will transform your relationship with the EARTH so you can be guided by your wisdom and not rely on will power to effect powerful change.

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Live Aligned: One-on-one

If you are someone who has a deep desire to effect powerful change in the world, but feels lost or overwhelmed as to how to do so, I work with some people one-on-one. I love helping clients feel empowered to show up in their lives, to live with a sense of purpose, ease, and joy.


Lift Higher: Group work

Your habits and outlook on life are shaped by the five people you spend the most time with. If you know you want to live aligned and you are a member of a group that is ready to level up in a meaningful way, let’s work together to create powerful change.

Corporate Training